The Gorky Tennis Park team organized a friendly open tennis lesson for representatives of the Diplomatic Club of Almaty.
Everyone was involved in the master class – diplomats, consuls, their families and friends. Even the smallest guests received a racket and a ball and the opportunity to play enough on the courts.

The open lesson was held in an ideal atmosphere – our guests, already experienced in playing tennis, were able to hold chic sparring sessions with our leading trainers. Those who first picked up racquets received excellent motivation to discover the world of tennis.

Gorky Tennis Park is grateful for the support of the open lesson and the help in organizing it for the head of the Diplomatic Corps of Almaty, Erlan Iskakov, and our friends, President of the Almaty Cycling Federation Serik Turdaliyev and Trustee at Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana Gail Ganney.

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