The first photo shows the participants of the Zhiguli Open 2021 tournament, which took place last weekend

On September 11 and 12, more than 20 couples fought for the main prize on the courts of Gorky Tennis Park

Winners, Masters category:
🥇 1st place – Islam Jeksekov / Farhat Dostanov;
🥈 2nd place – Dmitry Agoshkov / Lev Kim;
🥉 3rd place – Roman Markov / Vyshensky Vladimir.

Winners, Futures category:
🥇 1st place – Olzhas Beysmakov / Shakir Magripov;
🥈 2nd place – Sergey Shakhvorostov / Rafael Kim;
🥉 3rd place – Dmitry Dmitriev / Armen Boryan.

The tournament was held with the support of Zhiguli Barnoe. Thanks!

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