During the competition we all grow, tournaments give a huge push forward!

On July 15, we held the Yellow Ball tournament in Gorky Tennis Park. The tournament was sponsored by Dmitry Dmitriyev, an honorary member of the MasterCard Gorky Tennis Hall closed club.

👦🏻 Results among boys:
🥇 Merich Haydar;
🥈 Bakayev Daniel;
🥉 Kuanyshbek Alizhan;
🏅 Abdrahim Alidar.

👧🏻 Results among girls:
🥇 Narmetova Emilia;
🥈 Aytbayeva Riana;
🥉 Abdieva Amina;
🏅 Konysbekova Danel.

Congratulations to the prize winners!

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