On December 13, we held a “Yellow Ball” doubles city tournament for young players of 12-17 years. The competition was experimental – we gathered tennis players of different levels: the national team level players, and amateurs.

The players were divided into two categories, Masters and Futures. In the first there were two groups of four doubles combinations, in the second – two groups of six.

All the players who fought for medals received prizes.

🥇 Dilnaz Mashabayeva and Inkar Dyusebay won over Ivan Ponomarev and Aruzhan Nuranbay;
🥈 Ariana Kolbassina and Sati Aubakirova won the match for the second place against Dmitry Vagin (coached by Artyom Ashcheulov) and Arina Akritidis (coached by Alexei Politikov);
🥉 Kamilla Maslova and Alan Glavchev were better at the bronze medal game than Maria Ermakova and Alexandra Zemskova.

🥇 Dinara Mekebaeva and Daniel Wilsim (coaches Ruslan Abdullatypov and Jan Brek) defeated Timura Ibdiminova and Haidar Merich (coached by Artyom Ashcheulov);
🥈 Asilia Tansykbay and Lyaysan Abzalimova (coached by Artyom Ashcheulov) defeated Alidar Abdrahim and Maxim Vyazun (coach Alexei Politikov);
🥉 Emilia Narmetova and Sofia Fedenkova (coach Dimash Esenkulov) defeated Alzhan Kenzhetaev and Adel Tahateva (coached by Alexei Politikov).

Besides Gorky Tennis Park playsers, young athletes from @family_tennis_club and @tennisclub. kazahmys took part in the competition.

We thanks @ctrchicken.kz 🍗 and @turanwater 💧 for the support

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