On January 29, Gorky Tennis Park hosted an amateur doubles tournament Vegas Men Cup powered by Maa Spa 2022

👨🏻👨🏻 Winners, MASTERS category:
🥇1st place – Neiland Alexander and Medeuov Adil;
🥈2nd place – Kasanov Ismikhan and Khakimov Almaz;
🥉3rd place – Sapranidi Vladimir and Raisov Dauren.

👨🏻👨🏻 FUTURES category winners:
🥇1st place – Kasanov Rezvan and Dostanov Farhat;
🥈2nd place – Andrey Karbolin and Vladimir Kurinov;
🥉3rd place – Raisov Amanzhol and Platonov Andrey.

Part of the money was sent to the “Kazakhstan Khalkyna” fund.

Our strength is in unity 🇰🇿

In addition to the well-deserved trophies, the winners of the tournament received certificates for a free one-time visit to the new Maa Spa, and all participants received a certificate for a 10% discount on visiting Maa Spa ☺️

We thank Maa Spa, Shine balls and Zhiguli Barnoe beer for support and for the gifts provided to the tournament winners.

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