Do you want to go to court and play against professionals such as Denis Evseyev or Alexey Kedryuk?
Take part in the Vegas Cup PRO-AM Doubles tournament!

Where? On the courts of Gorky Tennis Park.
When? June 13, 2020, at noon.

You can participate in one of the following doubles combinations:
1. Amateur Girl / Male Professional
2. Amateur Girl / Professional Girl
3. Amateur Man / Professional Girl

The following doubles combinations cannot be accepted: Amateur man / Professional man.

Tournament entry fee – 25 000 tenge per doubles team.
The prize fund is 160,000 tenge.

Applications are accepted by the tournament referee Ruslan Ibragimov (+7 701 381 3696) and Elena Nikitenko (+7 777 225 2150, WhatsApp).

We are supported by @iamfortekz, @zhigulibarnoekz and @turanwater

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