Last weekend Gorky Tennis Park held a ranking amateur men’s tournament – Sunday Cup Masters

The first day of the tournament was slightly “smeared” by a sudden downpour of hail – the clay courts turned into lakes and were clearly not going to dry quickly. But on the second day, the weather allowed everyone to play their matches without the intervention of the rain.

As a result, the major prizes went to:
🥇 Almaz Khakimov
🥈 Dmitry Dmitriyev
🥉 Roman Markov

🏅 5th place – Sergey Korobko
🏅 9th place – Timur Kurenkov
🏅 17th place – Farkhat Dostanov
🏅 33 place – Ardak Abizhanov

Congratulations to all the participants of the tournament who played great tennis with well earned victories and new tennis experience.

The tournament was supported by our partner @turanwater.

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