On November 19-20, the anniversary tennis tournament “Snow Leopard-2022” was held on the courts of Gorky Tennis Park
For the fifth consecutive year, Snow Leopard 2022 brings together the best pro children and amateur adults to play with each other.

“Snow Leopard” was invented and first conducted by Vladimir Ponomaryov. He wanted to play doubles with his son and decided to conduct a tennis party for everyone. 24 doubles combinations of teenagers and adults competed for the main prize – a challenge cup with the names of all the winners of the tournament. Congratulations to the winners and runners up!

🥇Rodion Lukashov/Alexander Neiland;
🥈Timur Saulenko / Evgeny Rodichev;
🥉Kira Ertman/Sergey Shakhvorostov.

🥇 Kamilla Baitursynova/Anastassia Ertman;
🥈 Elyjah Shinkarenko/Amanzhol Raisov;
🥉 Amina Yesenali/Mikhail Zorov.

A special prize – an exclusive silver coin – was given to Yana Shtoda and Temirlan Mukanov. Also, all children-participants were given special silver figurines as a keepsake of the tournament.

Big thanks to Samal Water @samal_water brand for supporting the tournament

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