On December 16, the funniest and most exciting annual tournament – Snow Leopard 2019 – was held on the courts of Gorky Tennis Park. Every doubles combination consisted of an adult amateur player and professional U12 kid.

All matches were worthy of the final, but only the strongest became the champions.

In the Masters category, the places were distributed as follows:

🥇 Shakhvorostov Sergey / Tashmatova Anita (coached by Ruslan Abdullatipov and Aydin Rakhishev);
🥈 Nicholic Boyan / Nurlanuly Zangar;
🥉 Dmitry Dmitriev / Zhalgasbay Zhamir (coaches by Sardor Pulatov and Amal Sultanbekov).

In the Futures category, the prize winner were:

🥇 Sabitov Idel / Kochina Milania (coached by Aydin Rakhishev and Ruslan Abdullatipov);
🥈 Ertman Anastasia / Ertman Kira;
🥉 Sopranidi Valery / Kaminsky Robert.

Congratulations to all competitors, prize winners and the champions. We are waiting for everyone at the Snow Leopard 2020 in exactly one year!

The tournament was supported by Turan Water, @wedmeat, Perrier, Voxpopuli.kz and Informburo.kz

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