On November 24, the Pro-Am Mix Silk Cup Open 2019 🎾 tournament was held on the courts of Gorky Tennis Park. The tournament was dedicated to the birthday of our beautiful Zhibek Chingaraeva 🏆

In the Masters category, the winners are:

🥇Dana Aristanbayeva / Amal Sultanbekov
🥈Marina Belskaya / Bogdan Beresnev
🥉Zhibek Chingaraeva / Aydin Rakhishev

In the Futures category, the prize places were divided among themselves:

🥇 Madina Tleubaeva / Jean Chembotaev
🥈 Oleg Kryukov / Daria Tuaeva
🥉 Tatyana Felker / Damir Makhmudov

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the tournament.

And again – happy birthday, Zhibek!

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