On November 7 and 8, the Roger’s Cup PRO-AM 2020 tournament was held at Gorky Tennis Park. 17 doubles combinations participated, each consisting of a professional and an amateur.

⬇️ Tournament results ⬇️

Masters category:
🥇 Alexey Kedryuk and Dmitry Dmitriyev
🥈 Amal Sultanbekov and Farhad Koblandy
🥉 Andrey Nelich and Oleg Kryukov

Futures category:
🥇 Maxim Rakovsky and Idel Sabitov
🥈 Rodion Pak and Kairat Kaliakparov
🥉 Ravshan Kadyrov and Maksat Saktaganov

Congratulations to the winners!

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