This year we congratulate the little players of Gorky Tennis Park in an unusual way. Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to arrange a big holiday with Santa Claus and Snegurochka. Therefore, we decided to organize several tournaments prior to the holiday. The result is a double benefit: children gain competitive experience and receive New Year’s gifts.

On December 25, Gorky Tennis Park hosted the Red Ball intra-club tournament. Our youngest tennis players, from five to seven years old, took part in it.

The list of winners is below

🥇 Milana Borisova (coached by Gulmira Tasybekova);
🥈 Christina Shegai (coached by Olga Ippolitova);
🥉 Aruzhan Bektemisova (coached by Olga Ippolitova).

🥇Faddey Ivanov (coached by Olga Ippolitova);
🥈Danial Kalkenov (coached by Gulmira Tasybekova);
🥉Albert Shadiev (coached by Olga Ippolitova).

Thanks for the support to our partners @turanwater and @ pesnya.leta.

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