Gorky Tennis Park hosts the first for many months children’s intra-club tournament “Red Ball” 🎾
All young athletes missed the competition, so all the games turned out to be fast and bright

For girls, the places of the prize three were distributed as follows:
🥇Yussupova Sabrina, coached by Olga Ippolitova
🥈Bektemisova Aruzhan, coached by Olga Ippolitova
🥉Borisova Maria, coached by of Gulmira Tasybekova.

Among boys:
🥇Aytbayev Emir, coached by of Gulmira Tasybekova
🥈Ivanov Faddey, coached by Olga Ippolitova.
🥉Kalgenov Danial, coached by Madiana Talgat.

Congratulations to all the young champions and all the participants of the tournament! 🏆

We were supported by @fortebankkz and @turanwater

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