Gorky Tennis Park hosted an intra-club tournament of the “Orange Ball” category for beginners. Here are the competition results:

🥇 Vladimir Malygin, coach Gulrukh Mirzakhmetova @tennis_coach_gul
🥈 Kim Daniel, coach Gulmira Tasybekova @gulmira_tennis_coach
🥉 Torekhan Madi, trainer Gulrukh Mirzakhmetova

🥇 Nasrytdinova Evelina, coach Gulrukh Mirzakhmetova
🥈 Aikumbayeva Aruna, coach Gulmira Tasybekova
🥉 Shestakova Nicole, trainer Gulrukh Mirzakhmetova.

Congratulations to our children, their parents and coaches!

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