In May, our little athletes trained and competed hard!

On May 8, the Orange Ball intra-club tournament was held at Gorky Tennis Park. It was attended by tennis players born in 2013 and younger.


🥇 1st place – Aruzhan Bektemisova;
🥈 2nd place – Christina Shegai;
🥉 3rd place – Polina Wang.

🥇 1st place – Faddey Ivanov;
🥈 2nd place – Daniyal Kalkenov;
🥉 3rd place – Damir Asilbekov.

Aruzhan, Christina, Faddey and Damir are coached by Olga Ippolitova. Polina and Danial are coached by Gulmira Tasybekova.
Guys, congratulations!

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