A series of pre-Christmas tournaments have begun at Gorky Tennis Park. Christmas trees cannot be held this year due to COVID-19 pandemic, so we have come up with a series of competitions in which children can gain gaming experience, and then receive New Year’s gifts from the club.

Congratulations to the winners of the Orange Ball in-club tournament, which took place on 12 December.

👧🏻 Girls:
🥇 Maria Udartseva (coached by Ruslan Abdullatypov);
🥈 Polina Van (coached by Gulmira Tasybekova);
🥉 Adiya Bektemisova (coached by Ruslan Abdullatypov).

👦🏻 Boys:
🥇 Aisultan Daurenuly (coached by Ruslan Abdulatypov);
🥈 Tikhon Skokov (coached by Gulmira Tasybekova);
🥉 Rodion Kulagin (coached by Olga Ippolitova).

We wish new sports success to young athletes and their coaches!

Thank you 💧Turan @turanwater for supporting the tournament.

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