On the courts of Gorky Tennis Park, the city tournament for children “Orange Ball” (boys and girls, 7-9 years old) ended.
For two days young tennis players in duels were founding out who is the best ?
As a result, the places were distributed in this way.

Winner and prize-winners among girls:
?Tamina Saken
? Maria Udartseva
?Nurai Baiseit.

Winner and prize-winners among boys:
?Maksim Kuzhakhmetov (Taraz City)
?Raphael Kalyuzhnov
?Aysultan Daurenuly.

All winners were awarded commemorative cups and medals, as well as certificates from our main partner – the network of children’s medical clinics “Karudo”

Aisultan and Maria are training at Gorky Tennis Park, their coach is Anzhelika Semyanova.

Gorky Tennis Park congratulates everyone with great games and holidays. We are waiting for you on our courts again

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