The most prestigious amateur tennis tournament Forbes Cup Open 2019 was held on the courts of Gorky Tennis Park

Three days, from May 24 to 26, 48 men and 20 girls were finding out which of them is the best.
All participants demonstrated beautiful game, strong characters and amazing stamina.

Unfortunately, only one could be the winner ?

Among women, in the Masters category, Anastasia Ertman? became the absolute winner.
2 place went to Gulya Omarkozhaeva.
3 place in the difficult struggle was won by Rano Itakhunova?

In the women’s Futures category, the first place went to Elena Nikitenko
2nd place – Dina Temirgalieva (Nur-Sultan City) ?
3rd place – Madina Tleubaeva?

Among men, in the Masters category, the champion (3 times champion already) became Sergey Shakhvorostov, who stunned two tournament favorites at the start.
The 2nd place went to Dauren Raisov ?, who was able to impose a good fight on Sergey in the final.
3rd place – Nurlan Sautbaev ?

In the men’s Futures category the places are distributed as follows:
1. ?Amanzhol Raisov
2. Akhmed Umarov
3. Talgat Narembaev.

All champions and prize-winners were awarded with chic exclusive trophies and prizes from tournament partners ?

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