On October 20, Gorky Tennis Park held an intra-club “Red Ball” tournament 🎾

Among the boys, the prize places were distributed as follows:
🥇 Nikita Khakhalin, trained by Roman Sukhoparov and Batyr Sarmanbaev.
🥈 Vlad Krivoshein, trained by Gulmira Tasybekova.
🥉 Alexey Chenkalidi, trained by Gulmira Tasybekova.

The girls also won prizes:
🥇 Tomiris Abdrakhmanova, trained by Olga Ippolitova.
🥈 Polina Van, trained by Roman Sukhoparov.
🥉 Denmark Bisalieva, trained by Gulmira Tasybekova.

Congratulations to the young athletes and their coaches on their first victories!

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