Yesterday, the most beautiful female tennis players of Almaty gathered at the Gorky Tennis Park to participate in the first women’s amateur doubles tournament, High Heels Cup 2019

The tournament turned out so positive and intense that even the vagaries of the weather, which decided to mark the semifinal games with a powerful hurricane, did not spoil the overall impression ? and the girls held the finals already on the hard indoors.

But at the award nature decided to have pity on the participants, and it was held on the open veranda of the Club.

In the Masters category, the places were distributed as follows:
? Victoria Antonets / Dina Volkova
? Gulya Omarkozhaeva / Yuliya Shibayeva
? Anastasiya Ertman / Elena Nikitenko.
Honorable 4th place went to a beautiful couple of Tatyana Shakhvorostova / Marina Belskaya.

In the Futures category, battles also did not subside.
? Aizhan Temirlan / Shair Shaikenova
? Zhibek Chingaraeva / Tatiana Felker
? Minira Bulegenova / Olga Boldyreva
Honorable 4th place – Olga and Natalia Lee.

Gorky Tennis Park and all the participants of the High Heels 2019 thank the main sponsor of the tournament – Lev Kim, the general director of Camerton

We were also supported by ICON and Arzu Water.

We congratulate the champions, prize winners and all participants of the High Heels Cup 2019 and we hope that this tournament will become annual.

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