We announce the recruitment of boys and girls into two groups:
🧒🏻 4-5 years old, Baby Tennis;
🧑🏻 5-8 years old, “Red Ball”.

We work with our young players according to the international certified Tennis Under 10 program. It was developed by USTA, United States Tennis Association. Each learning stage is adapted to the physical and psychological capabilities of children of different ages.

🧒🏻 The very first learning stage is Baby Tennis, general physical fitness. Classes are held in a playful way. Children get used to the racket and the ball, develop agility and endurance. By reaching the age of five or earlier, as soon as the children master all the necessary skills, they move on to the next learning stage, the “Red Ball”. “Red Ball” is a proper tennis: serious training and competitions.

🗓 Schedule of group lessons:
▫️ Baby Tennis | Monday and Friday at 16:00;
▫️ Baby Tennis | Tuesday and Thursday at 17:00;
▫️ “Red Ball” Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00, Saturday at 12:00.

📱 Please get the further information and sign up your kids at +7 (771) 779-28-62 and +7 (727) 397-52-62.

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