The Gorky Tennis Park team took first place in the Almaty Junior Cup tournament. Congratulations everyone! This is a very serious achievement.

The Almaty Junior Cup tournament ended in Almaty. It brought together 140 tennis players from eight Almaty clubs. The Shymkent team also took part in the competition. Athletes were 10 years of age or younger.

The matches went on for two months. Matches were played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Four guys from the Gorky team were awarded special nominations:
▫️ “Best player” – Emir Aitbaev;
▫️ “Best player” and “Best doubles player” – Aida Atageldieva;
▫️ “The best doubles player” – Aruzhan Bektemisova;
▫️ “The most effective player of the team” – Matvey Ponomarev.

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