On the courts of Gorky Tennis Park, the doubles children’s tournament “Yellow Ball” ended.

There were many people who wanted to play, so the games were held in two categories – Masters of 15 years and Futures of 9-11 years.

In the first category, the winners are:
🥇Litosh Danil / Utkin Maxim
🥈Zhanabaev Zhanat / Daurenbekova Aisha
🥉Akritidis Arina / Nevdakh Diana.

In the second category, prizes were distributed as follows:
🥇 Talgat Zara / Aidoskydy Amelie
🥈 Son Bogdan / Murenko Roman
🥉 Zipenov Ymir / Iminova Karina.

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the tournament. We always welcome you on our courts!

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